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Jewish people; Jews; Jewish influence; Jewish population; Age of Patriarchs; Sumer; Civilization; Jewish innovations; Abraham; Abraham's journey; Ancient Mesopotamian culture; Fatalism; Gods; Nature gods; Valor; Utnapishtim; Noah; Mesopotamian myths; Biblical stories; Canaan; Ugarit; Ancient culture; Ancient accounts; Biblical accounts; Online UCF


"Who are the Jewish people? Where did they come from, and why do we care? We’re talking about a scant 13.9 million, one out of every 457 people in the world being Jewish. That's a sliver of a sliver. Yet, the influence of the Jewish people is beyond measure. Let’s go back to the "cradle of civilization," ancient Mesopotamia, and consider the life and times of ancient Israel's first great patriarch – Abraham." In this video, Professor Kenneth Hanson traces the history of Israel back to their beginning, discussing the Jewish people and their influence to the world in the light of ancient accounts versus biblical accounts. Addressed topics include: Age of Patriarchs, Abraham and his journey, Jewish innovations, ancient Mesopotamian culture and myths, gods, and other Biblical stories and characters.

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Jews; Civilization--Jewish influences; Civilization; Abraham (Biblical patriarch); Mesopotamian civilizations; History of Biblical events; Sociology, Biblical; Biblical teaching

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Hanson, Kenneth, 1953- [VIAF]; Hanson, Kenneth, 1953- (LC)


Ancient Israel

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