The UCF Faculty Bibliography is a unified bibliography of scholarship authored by University of Central Florida faculty since 1978. The records included here were taken from Web of Science.


Works from 1979

Analysis of Reproductive Characteristics of Caretta-Caretta in East-Central Florida

Atlas of Early American-History - Revolutionary Era, 1760-1790

Attitudes of Israeli Youth Toward the Middle-East Conflict

Community Involvement in Solution of Unsolved Felony Cases

Effectiveness of Using Uncertainty Resolution to Measure Investment Flexibility in Sequential Capital Rationing

Effects of Verbal Shadowing on the Recognition of Visually Presented Verbal and Nonverbal Information

English Radicals and the American-Revolution by Colin Bonwick

Evaluating Judges Selected by Merit

Fascism and the Fuhrerprinzip - Austrian Example

Genetic-Mapping of the TUH-3 Gene and Sexual Dimorphism of Homoeotic Tumorous-Head Tissue in D-Melanogaster

Genres - Extension of Brooks Algorithm for Project Scheduling with Resource Constraints

Growth Rates of Immature Green (Chelonia-Mydas) and Loggerhead (Caretta-Caretta) Sea Turtles in the Wild

Investigation of Some Distributional Characteristics of the Measure of Sampling Adequacy

Role Definition and Confidentiality in the Drug-Treatment Process

Role of Temperature on Ecological Associations of Water Snakes

Service Characteristics, Consumer Search, and the Classification of Retail Services

Shifting Patterns in the American-Military Budget Process - Overview

Surface Decontamination of Seeds to Produce Axenic Seedlings

Synthesis of Esters of 2,4-Pentadienoic Acid

Teaching the Principles of Industrial Chemistry

Time Magazine Revisited - Presidential Stereotypes Persist

Weasel Words - Howard,P

Works from 1978

Art for Ideas Sake