Tourism Development, Quality of Life and Exogenous Shocks: A Systematic Framework.

Jorge Ridderstaat
Robertico R. Croes, University of Central Florida
Peter Nijkamp


This paper proposes an analytical framework describing a triangle relationship between tourism development (TD), quality of life (QoL) of residents, and shocks or disturbances (SoD). The impacts of TD on QoL have been studied extensively in the literature, but the possible effects of QoL on TD have only been implicitly considered in some studies. Moreover, the influence of SoD on both TD and QoL has only rarely been covered in the literature, and, consequently, the overall relation between these three constructs has remained unstructured and incompletely formulated. The proposed framework contributes to a better understanding of both TD and QoL, thereby providing opportunities for improving both. Additionally, understanding the possible implications of SoD for both TD and QoL provides prospects for improving the preparedness and responsiveness of actors, while potentially speeding up the recovery after unexpected events.