An Investigation of Brand Experience on Brand Attachment, Knowledge, and Trust in the Lodging Industry

Juhee Kang, University of Central Florida
Aikaterini Manthiou, NEOMA Business School
Norzuwana Sumarjan, Universiti Teknologi MARA
Liang Tang, Iowa State University


With the increase of tourists to many destinations, the local lodging industry sector is facing intense challenges. The reassurance of name-brand accommodation helps travelers feel more at ease in a new environment and guarantee them a positive lodging experience. This study examines how travelers’ experiences with name-brand hotels influence their attachment to, knowledge of, and trust in brand names. Specifically, brand experience was identified as a holistic concept, incorporating sensory, affective, behavioral, and intellectual aspects. The results show the significant, positive relationships between brand experience and brand-related variables (brand knowledge, brand attachment, and brand trust). This study provides a foundation for future research investigating tourists’ lodging choices and suggests strategies for hotel brand managers.