Factors affecting the acceptance of smartphone diet applications

Bendegul Okumus, University of Central Florida
Anil Bilgihan
Ahmet B. Ozturk, University of Central Florida


This article investigated factors affecting customers’ intention to use smartphone diet applications (apps) when ordering food and bev- erages at foodservice businesses. An online questionnaire was designed and empirical data was collected from 395 respondents.Study participants were asked to interact with a smartphone diet app simulation prior to responding the survey questions. Structural equation modeling was used to analyze the data. Study results indicate that individuals are more likely to adopt smartphone dietapps if they are perceived to be useful and enjoyable. Social norms appear to play a significant role in adopting smartphone apps. Individuals with higher personal innovativeness tend to use such apps more often. Study results can assist restaurant operators in developing specific marketing strategies to target particular segments by designing such diet apps and developing menus for niche segments. This is one of the first studies looking at whether smartphone apps can assist individuals in ordering healthier and specific diet menu items at restaurants. This study offers specific theoretical and practical implications.