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0:20 Basic biographical Information; 2:13 Drafted into U.S. Army; 2:57 Expectation of Army life; 3:08 Basic Training at Fort Bliss, Texas; 3:58 Training to become an Artillery Range Setter; 4:57 Special training in the ASTP at Vanderbilt University; 6:18 U.S. Army closes ASTP program; 6:55 Joining the 423rd Infantry Battalion, 106th Division; 7:15 Poorly treated by Company Commander; 8:35 Deployed to Europe; 9:10 Arriving in St. Vith Luxembourg; 9:25 Fog during the Battle of the Bulge; 9:40 Reasons why the 106th was captured; 10:09 Recalling the start of the Battle of the Bulge; 11:08 Fighting in dense fog; 11:23 Being captured; 12:00 Crossing into German border as a POW; 12:15 Loaded onto train; 12:50 Strafed by friendly planes; 15:40 Forced to march 513 miles; 17:00 Gaining favor by speaking German; 17:07 Asking Guard for pile of straw, in German; 17:28 POW's who gave information received hot soup; 18:43 POW's who tried to give info for soup were taken away to the work camps; 19:06 Food given during captivity; 19:57 Locals sneaking food to POW's; 20:46 Drinking snow; 21:11 Stealing chickens; 25:14 German guards search POW's for any sign of chickens; 28:00 Building a make-shift radio; 28:55 Listening to BBC; 30:39 Escaping German captivity; 32:33 Surviving on the run in Germany; 33:55 Rescued by U.S. Tank Battalion; 34:50 Talking about the 513 mile walk; 34:54 German soldiers takes POW's shoes; 35:49 Resting in a wagon next to a dead body; 36:10 Field hospital; 36:16 Delousing; 37:20 POW during the bombing of Koblenz; 41:09 Given an apple by a German Guard; 41:58 Priest reads last rights at the field hospital; 42:45 Waking up in a hospital in England; 44:10 Boat ride back to the U.S.; 45:17 Remembers more details about the food as a POW; 48:20 Rank leaving the Army; 49:36 Talks about Medals; 50:17 Life after the Army.