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0:08 James Allen UCF Veteran History; 0:52 Went to the boot camp in San Diego; 1:45 Getting in combat and having people shot; 2:48 My father was a World War II veteran; 3:19 I was in Vietnam from ; 4:57 There way always a search and rescue; 5:48 You were a basic rifle men; 6:13 What smells did you experience; 7:26 There were a number of locals; 8:03 I feel guilty about have being there; 9:10 The people I hung out with; 10:27 I saw some from a distance; 11:22 When a rocket attack; 12:43 No, you going to die; 14:30 They were from all different walks of life; 15:33 The airplane crash; 17:16 I just want to survive this and get home; 17:55 I started having nightmares; 19:24 There was a tradition in the marine corps; 20:30 The first person I saw was my brother in law; 22:11 Small town of about 40,000 people; 23:06 I joined up for four years; 24:21 I married my wife and I had a son; 25:21 The great number of people; 26:47 My best friend from high school; 28:00 I work for the Veterans Administration; 29:27 I walked in and was immediately uncomfortable; 29:56 Semper Fi; 31:00 Last year I got invited.

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