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0:01 Introduction; 0:16 Early life before service; 1:07 Influences to join the Army; 2:22 Transition to military life; 2:58 Basic training and advanced training; 3:38 Different jobs in the Army; 4:11 The trip to Vietnam; 6:00 Being among the first US soldiers in Vietnam; 6:30 Life in Vietnam 1965-1966; 7:32 Different units served with in Vietnam; 7:50 The la Drang Battle; 8:20 Responsibilities of his positions held in Vietnam; 10:00 Communication with his family from home; 11:12 Remaining distant from fellow soldiers; 11:27 Supporting the Battle of la Drang; 12:22 Recreation activities; 13:34 Time spent in Thailand; 13:53 Most vivid experience from Vietnam ; 14:35 Leaving Vietnam and his arrival back to the US; 16:10 Dealing with antiwar sentiments in the US; 17:30 Effect of Vietnam on rest of military career; 18:43 Being a recruiter after Vietnam; 20:42 Serving on the General staff position; 21:35 Retiring and effect of service in life; 23:00 Staying contact with Veterans ; 24:01 Serving on a military retiree council; 24:41 Problems with Veteran's benefits; 25:20 Moving to Central Florida; 25:57 Comparing Central Florida to previous stations; 26:46 Life after retirement; 27:33 Working security in maximum security juvenile penitentiary; 28:13 Working at Lake Sumter Community College; 28:50 Closing words.

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