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0:00-0:26 Interviewer's introduction; 0:27-4:00 Childhood leading up to military. Attempt at joining the Air Force, instead joined Navy; 4:01-5:36 Applied for OCS in February 1959; graduated in July and was assigned to USS Exploit, MSO (Mine Sweeper Ocean) 440, 3 years on Exploit, separated from active service during summer of 1962; 5:37-8:13 Returned to Tallahassee from active service. Is hired by Martin Marietta; meets and marries first wife in 1963. In 1965 President Johnson may call upon reserves and so he re-joins the Navy as an active service weapons officer in Okinawa; 8:14-11:29 1st Western Pacific Cruise in beginnings of 1967; 9 amphibious invasions around DMZ; 11:30-17: 19 Remarries and returns to Martin Marietta; discusses feelings about the war, and doing as you are told to do; 17:20-21:55 'No one thinks war is fun.' Discusses losing various military members, Arizona Senior Senator John McCain and his service during the same time and serving as air support for McCain's ship; 21:56 Reflects on military experience; 25:24 Conclusion-no regrets.

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