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0:16 Introduction Bill Willmot, Merritt Island, Florida; 0:23 Grew up in Linden, New Jersey; 0:24 Graduated from Linden High School in 1943; 0:29 Immediately went into Army when World War II was on; 0:37 Started educational experiences that continue through present day; 0:45 Enrolled at University of Central Florida; 0:50 Has taken classes at 35 different colleges around the United States; 0:57 Military correspondence courses, extension courses; 1:02 Press card with City News Service in Dubuque, Iowa; 1:13 Hobby amateur radio since the age of twelve; 1:18 Photography; 1:25 Active with Military Society of the Blue Badge in Viera, FL; 1:35 Tutor oriental students in reading, writing and pronunciation; 2:04 Prepare class schedule for spring semester; 2:18 Combat experiences in the Philippines; 2:28 Does not want to discuss serious ones because they will make you sick; 2:34 Humorous experiences; 2:36 Landed in Hollandia, Dutch New Guinea and found sake filled warehouse; 3:13 Guarding captured Japanese prisoners; 4:18 �Road Test� vehicle sign; 4:41 Sitting in battle; 4:57 Island of Leyte his division killed over 40,000 Japanese soldiers; 5:50 Discusses how difficult combat is; 6:08 Peace time parades; 6:18 How amateur radio played a part in Military career; 6:45 Interviewed with the Signal Corp; 7:07 Trained people for Signal Corp; 7:40 Taught international Morris Code; 7:50 Learned how to use a typewriter; 9:17 Communicating home during war; 9:30 Best friend and best friend's sister after the war, how he met his wife; 10:25 Amateur radio during depression days; 10:50 Indian River amateur radio club; 11:16 Radio Signal Corp Instructor in Japan, Japanese interaction; 11:30 Traveling, visited Hiroshima and Nagasaki; 11:56 Japanese parties, geisha girls; 12:37 Stationed on the Island of Shikoku; 12:57 When working for Pan Am at Patrick Air Force Base; 14:10 News of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; 14:45 The night the war ended; 18:14 William Verbeck information; 18:56 Verbeck Mindanao, Philippines Japanese plane crash; 19:52 Verbeck information; 20:15 Caught teenage Japanese prisoners; 21:48 Verbeck farewell party; 22:06 First landed in (Bray camp Ridge?); 23:45 Visited Verbeck every summer; 24:33 One person left from his unit; 25:00 Contact with anyone who survived after the war; 25:18 Holidays while deployed; 25:28 Standard time reminder; 26:21 NASA Alumni Group; 26:49 Family relations during war; 26:59 Father served in old Calvary with horses; 27:04 Brother joined Navy, Shanghai, China; 27:40 Nephews; 28:11 Close friend story; 28:39 South Korean Student; 28:55 Some students as close as family; 29:02 The Great Courses, Rollins; 29:40 DVD courses; 30:27 Course on writing a sentence; 31:47 Friend's son problem with calculus; 32:12 DVD collector; 33:10 Good mood, understands the human brain; 33:32 Life is an opportunity; 34:11 Difference between Community and Junior College; 35:30 Private institutions that offer certificates; 35:36 City News Service certificate for Journalism; 35:51 Educational system; 37:15 Most valuable thing in life is education; 37:58 physically worked for 47 years full time; 38:10 Worked last 10 years at NASA as a disaster control officer.