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0:00 Introduction to interviewers and veteran, name, date of birth; 1:00 Occupation and rank, engineer; 2:00 Life prior to military. Enlisting in marines; 4:00 Basic Training Camp; 5:50 Refers to classified military test; 6:20 The Crucible; 8:00 Civilian to Military life; 9:20 9/11 , Feelings on being deployed; 11:00 Opinion of War on Terror, and United States role; 12:00 Perception of Iraq, and Muslim people; 13:00 Stationing In Kuwait; 13:40 Combat/Convoy roles; 14:20 Opinion and encounters with allied forces of other nations; 15:30 Differences in British training and habits; 17:00 Free time, Internet resources; 18:00 Supply runs, Marines and air force base; 19:30 Camaraderie; 20:30 Discusses differences in Army and Marines; 21:40 Friendships after service; 22:40 Interactions with Iraqi people; 24:00 Briefly comments on Security Forces; 25:00 Iraqi forces surrender, Patriot missiles; 26:30-32:30 Missile Attack, March 19, 2003; 26:50 President Bush authorizes bombing, Saddam kills civilians; 27:30 Fear, and the enemy; 29:50 Shell shock; 30:40 Superior Officer breaks down; 32:40 "Stop Lost" and end of service; 33:00 Desire to reenlist and families opinion; 33:50-35:00 Meets spouse during service; 35:00 Readapting to civilian life; 36:50 Talks about lost comrades.