Veterans Oral Histories

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00:23 Introduction of veteran; 1:08 Biographical questions -- birth, education; 1:57 Family biographical information; 5:34 Enlisted in service - age and reason; 7:55 Unit placed in; 9:13 Basic Training experience; 10:42 Bases stationed at during training; 12:10 Every day routine during training; 15:07 Army ranking; 16:33 Experience in England; 17:35 Experience of missions; 19:50 Relationship with crew and other comrades; 23:50 Opinion of leaders; 25:25 Experience under attack; 28:15 What went through veteran's mind during missions; 30:00 Wounded in service; 34:40 Awards and medals received; 36:12 Wounded in Florida; 38:10 Discharged from active duty; 39:41 Thoughts on time serving; 41:00 Being in the reserves; 44:45 Civilian activities since retiring from the reserves.