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0:20 His home town and enlisting; 3:50 Orders to go to Germany from Fort Knox; 6:30 Basic Training and Barrack life; 12:20 Scout Training and patrolling the Berlin Wall; 20:00 West Berlin & Checkpoint Charlie; 25:52 Traveling through East Germany from West Berlin; 26:42 Rudolph Hess; 28:57 Maneuvers with the French and British; 30:30 Time constraints driving through East Germany; 32:00 Interactions with the Soviets and East German Soldiers; 34:00 Interactions with Berliners; 36:48 Recruitment and life as a Recruiter; 41:00 Desert Storm; 43:05 Military Retirement Benefits; 45:45 Helping people transition to Civilian life; 49:29 Life after the Military.

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