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0:29 Biographical information/family background; 1:40 Married before enlisting; 2:35 Family that served in the military; 3:09 Year entered the service, 1999, enlisted in the air force, adjusting to military life; 5:55 Family react to joining the military; 6:48 Advanced individual training, power production, compare base life at home and abroad; 10:33 Stationed in Guam, base life; 12:00 Been to Iraq in 1999, Saudi Arabia, UAE, join force training; 14:20 First experience being overseas; 15:25 Briefings on foreign conditions, culture, security risks; 16:50 Military life after 9/11; 20:45 Days leading up to Iraq; 23:27 Deployment to Iraq; 26:30 Time spent in the desert; 26:50 Start of occupation, change in attitude; 29:55 Backlash of the insurgency; 34:11 Probability of change in Iraq, compare to Japan, Germany; 39:30 Troops being pulled out of Iraq; 44:30 UAE base, bases; 45:02 Change dependent on people of Iraq; 46:55 Thoughts on participation in the military.

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