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0:00-0:36 Introduction; 0:37-1:50 Childhood; 1:51-6:00 Joining the military, basic training, separation of Army Air Corps and Air Force Officer Candidate School, Okinawa, Japan; Vietnam in 1963. Second tour in 1966. Moved to Orlando in 1966 to advise reserves. 1968; 6:01-7:01 Life after 25 years of military service; 7:02-9:28 Reasons for joining; juvenile justice judge; altering birth certificate, brother in Navy, war over. Lack of jobs after service; 9:29-10:00 Appreciation of service; 10:00-11:20 A part of 1st Special Forces ever created; 11:21-13:09 Strictly advisory in Vietnam in 1963 vs. his tours of 1966 and 1968 when in combat mood; 13:10-16:06 Arriving shortly before Tet Offensive, changing public opinion, Vietnamese opinions; 16:07-17:50 War Protests; 17:51-19:30 Returning home and becoming an adviser; 19:31-End Conclusion.