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0:00-1:00 Introduction, birthday, consent/permission; 1:01-2:59 Childhood memories, blinded in left eye from bean shooter; 3:00-4:30 All friends were in Armed Forces. Wanted to be, too young; 4:30-5:00 Volunteered to be medic at Mason General Psychiatric Hospital. Rose to Supervisor; 5:01-8:00 Particular story about hazardous nature of job. Attacked by patient; 8:01-10:00 Tells story about how a patient bit off medic's arm; 10:01-18:00 Multiple stories about being a supervisor at Mason General; 19:00-21:59 Very respected at the hospital. Noncommissioned, yet made major decisions; 22:00-23:31 Developed PTSD. Had to be removed. Last days at the hospital; 23:30-24:30 Went back to working at former job making uniforms; 24:30-25:59 Quit job, took a vacation with a friend in Canada; 26:00-27:30 All friends from Service came back safe except for one. Lost both legs; 27:30-27:59 Of 41 service friends, 7 are alive today; 28:00-28:59 Married 61 years, 5 children; 29:00-29:59 As a child was fascinated with airplanes, but could not be a pilot; 30:00-31:00 Feels not becoming pilot was a blessing, since 70% of pilots in WWII KIA; 31:01-32:5 Parents occupation, information, etc.; 33:00-36:00 More about parents and childhood; 36:01-37:00 Some patients faked having a disorder to avoid prison sentences; 37:01-39:00 Discusses Sodium Amytal (Truth Serum); 39:01-41:59 Discusses Shock Therapy, dangers of it and why it may be worth the risk; 42:00-43:00 Discusses Hydrotherapy - covers all but head in hot water; 43:01-44:00 2 years in the military, at the medical ward; 44:01-45:00 Still feels effects of Condition Red (PTSD). Quick, strong noises, etc.; 45:01-45:59 States discovery that he has healing powers in hands; 46:00-48:59 Orlando doctors misdiagnosed daughters' disease; 49:00-49:59 Poodle has a seizure, he touches the dog and dog heals; 50:00-51:25 Began helping friend's wife heal, over the course of 2 months; 51:26-52:30 Felt guilty about helping friend's wife, because wife had affair; 52:32-57:00 Discusses healing various other friends and acquaintances.

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