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0:00-1:59 Childhood; 2:00-2:34 Joining Maine Corps; 2:35-4:20 Influencing factors to join; 4:21-15:50 Knowledge of war prior to military, serving at various bases, attending Officer Candidate School, Basic School, West Point; 15:51-25:17 Stationed in Vietnam, Embarkation Officer, 22 days at Sea, Custody card; 25:20-28:45 Camp Pendleton, Reactionary Support, response to demonstrations, returns to Cherry Point (his beginnings), flight school 1971-197 4, time in Cuba; 28:46-30:02 Getting drafted from military and told not to renew contract; 30:03-33:13 Life after military, returning to school, working security and program management at UCF CREOL; 33:14-34:03 Follow-up of OCS; 34:04-35:35 Moving gear on return from Vietnam; 35:36-41:35 Protests and demonstrations and history of American involvements in war; Economy needs war to survive; 41:36-44:01 Influence of military on rest of life; 44:02-end Conclusion.

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