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0:41 Branch of service, rank; 0:50 Location of service; 1:20 Previous work experience; 2:00 Return to Mobile, AL; 3:33 Family history; 4:09 Life before the army, Bethlehem, PA; 5:42 Level of education, PhD Economics; 5:53 Decision to join service; 6:30 First days in the service/basic training; 8:45 Length of service/experience in Army; 10:00 Career path/returnment plans; 11:43 Correspondence courses; 12:55 Graduation from Army War College, 1980; 14:45 Memorable experiences, Pentagon employee; 15:45 Protestors of Vietnam confrontation; 16:56 Awards; 17:15 Service on full Colonel promotion board; 19:10 End of service; 19:40 Support from government for service; 20:10 Friendships from travels; 20:39 Impact of service; 21:20 Tenure as professor at Western Kentucky; 22:00 Big Red, WKU Mascot.

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