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00:35 Year and place of birth; 00:45 Time before the Navy – school; 1:30 Applied to Congressmen for employment in the Navy; 1:40 Commissioned Midshipmen in US Navy; 2:05 Graduated Purdue; 2:29 2nd year at Purdue, apprentice seaman in program V-12; 3:10 Father founded midshipmen school - information about father; 4:00 Went to the Pacific; 4:12 Post-graduate school in Hollywood Beach, Florida; 5:06 Assigned to a Destroyer Escort already in task force to invade Okinawa; 6:00 Looking for the ship since its movements are confidential; 8:25 Roommate in college; 9:00 Reception on ship; 10:00 Action during radar watch; 10:29 Still on that ship when the war ended; 10:40 Radio report about bombing of Hiroshima; 11:08 Peace declared - feelings of safety; 12:30 Discussion on the atom bomb; 13:50 Advanced to Lieutenant (Junior Grade); 14:00 Got married and stationed ashore at San Diego; reasons to get out of Navy; 16:50 Went back to hometown - job after the Navy; 18:02 Start of Korean war, change of missions on Heavy Cruiser St. Paul; 20:15 Ship used to give gunfire support to ROK Capital Division; 23:05 Russians send in Chinese volunteers- Battle of Inchon; 23:33 Evacuation help at Battle of Inchon; 24:50 Amount of time spent in Korea and return fire from the shore; 25:00 Time spent on watch and call for gunfire; 26:13 Daily life on the ship; 27:25 Back in the states - Korean war ended; 28:00 Discussion on ships; 29:00 Test site in Bikini; 30:00 Duty on second ship - training during peacetime; 32:49 Minor injury on second ship during peacetime - no wartime injuries; 33:36 Move to Florida – retirement; 34:00 Family in WWI; 35:00 Friendships in divisions and reunions; 40:00 Battle of Midway - Midshipmen School Reunion; 43:50 Miracle of Midway; 49:30 WWII Roundtable; 52:20 Family and life after the wars.