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0:28 Name, place and date of birth; 1:00 Enlisting in the Navy; 2:12 Personal Life and work before the war; 3:08 Basic training experience; 3:28 Being sent to and experience on the U.S.S. Vega; 4:20 Decision to join Navy; 4:55 Job on the ships; 6:40 Length of service; 9:20 Injury sustained on ship; 10:00 Experience during Pearl Harbor; 11:45 Average day at sea; 12:25 Enjoyment on the ship; 13:00 Food on the ship; 13:27 Staying in touch with family; 14:05 The officers on the ship; 14:40 Friends on the ship; 15:00 Number of people on the ships; 16:55 Combat on the U.S.S. Moale; 18:40 U.S.S. Moale description; 19:25 Most memorable ship; 20:10 Fighting in the Philippines; 21:32 Combat experiences with the Japanese; 22:28 Explaining the 2 medals he received; 23:06 Personal videography of the war; 24:04 What the day was like when the war was over; 26:06 Traveling through Japan after the war; 28:33 G. I. Bill & work after the Navy; 31:45 Work as a cobbler in Jacksonville; 34:49 Appendix surgery that the doctor made a mistake on; 35:59 VA hospital in 2004 did not have him in their records; 38:12 Navy forgot to discharge him after WWII until 1978; 39:15 How service experience affected his life after; 40:00 Closing Remarks/ Conclusion.