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0:30 Growing up in Seattle, Washington; Childhood; 0:49 Being raised by a single mother; 1:00 Job before WWII; 1:30 Enlisting and heading to basic training; 2:40 Basic training at Hunter College; 3:55 Mother's views on her enlistment; 4:20 Going to the Navy Training School at Iowa State Teacher's College; 4:30 Life at the Navy Training School; 5:00 Helping a farmer out with his crops; shortage of manpower on home front; 5:45 Heading to the Norfolk Naval Station and reasons why she chose here; 6:10 Duties and rank; 6:30 Housing and life; interactions with the other girls; 7:30 Base chapel and attending services; 9:00 Clerical duties; 9:30 Picnics, swimming, bowling, and other recreational activities on base; 11:00 Her husband's involvement in WWII; 12:15 Her first time hearing about Pearl Harbor; 13:50 The Japanese people in Seattle; internment; 14:50 Rations; 15:20 Victory Garden; 15:40 Her mother during WWII; 16:20 Her grandmother; 16:30 Working as a girl in high school; 17:25 Women in the war effort; public view; lack of men power; 18:50 Sharing her medals and honors; 19:39 Sharing her dog tags; 20:35 Sharing her Yeoman 2nd class summer uniform patch; 20:55 Sharing photographs; Winter uniform; 21:45 Trip home during WWII to visit her mother; tough journey; 22:50 Men heading to the Pacific on her train ride; 23:50 Her husband's Navy duties post WWII; 24:50 Her husband in the Korean War; 25:25 Her enlistment did not end with WWII; 26:20 Enlistment ended when she got married; 26:30 Gl Benefits; 27:20 Hearing about the Invasion of Normandy for the first time; 27:50 Mass prayers for the men on D-Day; religion on base; 29:00 Hearing about the bombs being dropped on Japan; her boyfriend being on the USS Hornet with Colonel Doolittle; 30:00 WAVES significance; 31:00 Receiving thanks from civilians; 31:50 The Holocaust; 32:00 Hearing news of the war.