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0:02 Background information; 0:30 Family I reason for enlisting; 1:47 Sworn into the navy I begins training; 2:43 Studied to be a yeoman at Hunter College (New York); 3:17 Sent to Navy Recruiting Station in Washington D.C.; 3:23 Living conditions; 3:51 Making friends I roommates; 4:10 Duties in the service; 4:52 Met husband; a Chief Petty Officer in the Navy; 5:40 Boot camp at Hunter College; 6:01 Working her way up in rank I reasons for discharge; 6:40 Social activities in Washington; 7:28 The urge to go overseas; 8:13 Day to day life at Navy Recruiting Station; 10:48 Eagerness of men to enlist; 11:18 Where the men were sent once they enlisted; 12:13 Adapting to life in the military / food; 13:15 Keeping in touch with friends after the war; 14:16 Family response to joining the military; 15:41 The American Home Front (Washington); 16:56 Reaction to the end of the war; 18:46 Adjusting back into civilian life I Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; 22:15 Impact of war on life / seeing the WWII Memorial in Washington D.C.; 27:52 Public response to women in the military; 28:46 Giving thanks.

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