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0:35 Basic biographical data, family; 1:31 Enrollment into the Army on delayed entry program while in high school; 1:50 Marine Corps ROTC; increased rank; 2:01 Why he joined the army, delay in college; 3:35 Differences between ROTC and enlistment; 5:02 Transition from civilian to military, Ft. Jackson (sound problem @ 7:37); 7:48 Advanced training; Aberdeen Proving. Grounds; Maryland; 8:52 Going home for Christmas, visiting family; 9:31 Ft. Campbell; assignment to 101st; 10:41 Daily duties @ Campbell (sound problem @ 11 :03); 12:05 College vs. civilian contractor; 13:01 Working in the motor pool (sound problem@ 13:38); 14:43 Operation Iraqi Freedom length of deployment, initial reaction to Kuwait; 16:15 Ft. Campbell vs. deployment near Baghdad; 17:05 Forced protection (sound problem@ 17:47), transport; 19:18 Equipment used; supply; 20:40 Morale, off duty activities, care packages; 23:14 Relating to civilians (sound problem @ 25.15); 25:30 Differences between active duty and Army National Guard; 28:04 Adjustment to civilian life, college; 29:26 Ending up in Florida; 30:15 Personal changes due to deployment; 32:03 First experience with direct fire; 34:54 PTSD, fireworks display at Epcot; 36:23 Advice to those considering military service {sound problem 38:39; 40:33).