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0:10 Introduction; 0:30 Biography of past (Time in New York and moving to Florida); 1:25 JROTC in High School/ Family in military; 2:40 Meeting with Army recruiter and enlistment; 4:30 Training before boot camp; 5:30 Fort Benning (Boot camp); 6:30 Adjusting to military life; 8:00 Claymore Training memory; 9:10 Weaponry used during basic; 9:40 Food and social life on the base, building trust with comrades; 11:40 Graduated from Fort Benning off to Airborne school; 12:30 Home time before deployment; 13:30 Fort Campbell and deployment to Iraq; 14:45 Atmosphere of Iraq (Dust storm); 15:45 Families reaction to deployment; 17:20 Connecting with family from Iraq; 19:00 life and culture in Iraq; 22:00 Memory of road side bomb experience; 23:30 Beginning of his come home; 24:24 Come home to his family; 26:00 What did he take out of the experience; 27:00 His view on the Iraqi people; 28:00 Final thoughts, Thank you, and ending the interview.

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