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2:55 Birth/early family life/father; 4:11 Navy father; 4:30 High school/early anecdote of wanting to join the Army; 5:38 Benefits of service; 6:36 Delayed Entry Program; 7:40 Reasons for joining the Army/Early Days of training. Differences in New York South Carolina culture; 10:15 Camaraderie of the Army, More memories from basic training. First enlistment as a communications Specialist; 11:40 First taste of military life/Grenade course; 14:00 Basic at Ft. Jackson in South Carolina/Ft. Gordon in Georgia. First post at Ft. Meade, Maryland for the 519 MP Battalion; 15:01 First trips abroad/ Reserves/ Reenlistment/ Change to Special Forces. Jumping out of planes/E4 Specialist/54 jumps; 17:24 First experience in Iraq/Supporting Infantry Groups. Time with the 82nd in South America/ War on Drugs/ Gulf War; 18:41 Strongest memories of Iraq in the first Gulf War. Things to take away from military; 19:45 Relationships formed in service and time in Iraq. Being the new guy in the 112th Signal Battalion/Other deployments; 22:25 Life after Iraq/Korean and South American Deployments; 22:25 Life after Service/Car crash that ended his military career. Medical retirement/ Slow, depressing recovery; 1:25 Adjustment to civilian world/Finding a job; 5:00 Feelings on 9/11, wanting to reenlist. Thoughts on the second Iraq War and Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden; 31:15:00 Supporting the troops. If you don't stand behind your troops, stand in front of them; 32:05:00 Veterans groups/Feelings and concerns on joining Veteran's group at first. After effects of career-ending injury.