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00:07 Name, Rank, Branch and Division; 00:15 Biographical data; birthplace, birthdate, family; 00:50 Education and College degree; 01:16 Enlistment; motivation and enlisting with best friend; 02:42 Family's military history; 03:14 Expectations of military; 03:38 Reaction to September 11; 4:08 Preparation for conflict post September 11; 5:37 Experience in Boot Camp; 6:34 Stationing domestically and overseas; 7:58 Contacting family overseas; 8:28 Morale overseas and domestically; 9:20 Special training; 10:03 First combat experience; 10:43 First time returning fire; 11:26 Members of company are wounded and killed in Iraq; 12:33 Reaction to fellow soldiers being wounded and killed; 13:55 Experiences with conflict in Iraq; 15:34 Facilities while isolated from base in Iraq; 17:28 Experience in Iraqi town; 18:47 Daily life in isolation, duties away from base; 19:49 Interactions with Iraqi civilians; 20:44 Sentiment towards Iraqi culture; 21:07 Contrast of life in bases and isolation; 22:36 Sentiment towards Iraqi culture after conflict and war; 3:07 Reception upon returning home; 23:34 Personal reaction to veterans and fellow soldiers; 23:54 View of current conflict in the Middle East; 24:28 How the military has affected his life; 25:00 Continued contact with fellow veterans; 25:32 Individuals with Post Traumatic Stress; 26:01 How he would change his experience in the military; 26:43 Advocating enlistment; 27:04 Sentiment towards movies and domestic news; 28:34 Continued interaction with Iraqi people and purchasing items from them; 29:20 Continued family enlistment; 29:56 Sentiment towards anti-war protests; 30:25 Poor treatment of Iraqi people by Saddam and how it has changed.

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