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0:30 Family; 2:00 Growing up in central Florida (Ocoee); 2:45 Enlisting in the military; 3:50 Why choosing the Army; 4:50 Life before leaving for training; 5:20 Training at Fort Jackson; 7:40 Training at Fort Huachuca; 9:10 Adapting to military life; 9:30 Leaving for Iraq; 10:30 Being a part of the 368th Battalion and training at Fort Dicks; 11:10 Arriving at Salad Air Base in Iraq; 12:00 Duties at Balad Air Base; 15:30 UAV missions; 16:30 Over watch missions; 18:00 Typical day at Balad Air Base; 20:00 Making friends in the military; 21:00 Contacting home; 21:40 Action experienced overseas; 22:00 Decision to join the military; 23:00 Frank the Ugandan; 24:10 Interactions with Iraqi civilians; 25:00 Iraqi civilian response to US presence; 26:30 Previous knowledge of Iraq before arriving; 27:50 Experiences with Iraqi food; 28:45 Exploring Iraqi shops; 31:30 The return home.