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2:18 Reason for joining Marines; 3:19 Grandfather's service had influence; 5:25 Almost quit first day of training camp; 14:00 Where he served; 18:35 Special training for special skills; 19:25 Invasion of Nasiriyah; 19:55 Taking Baghdad; 20:46 Operation Phantom Fury; 23:15 Most shocking events witnessed; 26:08 Perception of Iraqi people; 28:15 Perception of government in place; 29:41 Perception of war in Iraq; 34:16 Examples of heroism he has witnessed; 34:55 Relationship with squadron; 37:18 How people treated him once home; 38:28 Did military help readjust to civilian life; 42:20 What he learned about Iraqi history; 43:55 Limitations on information given to family; 47:23 Life lessons learned.

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