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1:20 Joined the military for several reasons ranging from the impact of the 9/11 attacks on the United States on 9/11; 2:44 Frankie discusses how upset he was about the 9/11 attacks on the United States; 3:40 Discusses how he felt like he needed to prove himself because he didn't feel adequate and felt the Marines would shape him; 4:20 The military was one of the best things he did. He was very interested and "gung-ho" about joining the Marines; 5:50 Frankie discusses his many reason for leaving the military; 7:00 discusses how in the military and in war it was mission accomplishment before troop welfare; 9:55 He speaks about how he got what he wanted out the Marines and it wasn't necessarily everything he had looked forward to; 10:00 Frankie discusses the culture shock of boot camp and how his experience; 19:30 Frankie discusses how his other best moment was surviving the battle of Ramadi in Iraq and coming home; 26:40 Frankie discusses the loss of his friend who was a part of a platoon who was pinned down by the insurgency and were retreating back to a friendly position when he detonated an IED; 30:49 Frankie discusses how he and fellow Marines didn't necessarily fight because of wanting to win the war but more of for wanting to keep their fellow Marines alive and protecting each-other; 38:10 Frankie discusses his experience of using marijuana during his tour in Iraq on duty in a rare occurrence.