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0:20 Born in Deland, Florida. Grew up in Crescent City FL; 0:40 Mother and Father both educators. One brother, in Army Reserves; 1:01 Enlisted in Army at 17, completed Split Option Program; 1:24 History of service in family; Grandfather, West Point Captain; 2:16 Basic Training and AIT, describes feelings about toughness of Basic; 3:56 Training is very dull, consists of class. Much like school; 4:40 Not difficult to become a soldier, nothing tying him down; 5:17 Training required to deploy overseas to Iraq; 6:26 Explained his actual movement overseas from one country to another; 7:17 Got to experience moving throughout Baghdad; 8:14 Encountered dangers during his times with the convoys; 9:10 Mind of being subjected to dangerous situations; 9:39 Held close camaraderie with his fellow soldiers; 11:22 Keeping in touch was difficult, writing letters was easy but email was not; 13:07 Living situations steadily improved during 2004-2005; 13:40 Days were filled with finding distractions, gym, movies, reading; 15:20 Generally worked a 12 hour day, from 6am to 6-7pm; 16:10 Coming home is complicated, paperwork, equipment, and flights; 17:31 Post war time adjustment wasn't terrible, had trouble with speeding; 18:31 Knew nearly nothing about Iraq before going over; 19:42 Had interactions with Local Nationals, "Hadji Shop" owners; 19:50 Reactions of LN's kind, respectful, hospitable. Trouble with lnsha AIIah; 20:56 Impressions of Iraq decimated infrastructure, waste disposal was appalling; 22:41 Conspiracy theories about why were in Iraq was unsettling; 24:02 Iraq is more developed compared to other Middle Eastern Countries; 24:48 Iraq is geographically diverse, there are both arid and fertile regions; 25:44 Iraqi's are respectful people, always shake your hand and offer cigarette; 27:59 Going to the bathroom in Iraq, its nothing more than a hole in the floor; 28:26 lnsha AIIah governs Iraqi's ideas of urgency, not used to it as an American; 29:38 Was more cynical and humorous after his deployment; 30:23 Glad to be a part of Iraq and a part of history, interesting experience; 31:00 Eye opening experience that remove "American Filter" of world view.

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