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00:20 Served in Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom; 00:27 Served in Army National Guard; 00:30 Was an E-5 Sgt.; 00:37 Served in AR Ramadi Iraq; 00:45 Grew up in Indian Harbor Beach; 00:52 Why he joined the Army National Guard; 01:04 Family Reaction to joining Military; 2:26 Training; 4:30 Arrival in Iraq/ How arrived and adjustment; 7:17 Changes witnessed during time in Iraq; 8:30 Cultural Differences; 10:30 Conflict in Iraq between Sunnis and Shia- effect on occupation; 11:50 Violence towards Iraqi's helping American forces; 12:30 What most Iraqi citizens wanted; 12:58 Policing Iraq/ Crime; 13:45 Media Coverage versus reality; 15:35 Medals received; 15:55 Communication via Satellite; 19:00 Recreation; 20:00 Didn't get to go on leave; 20:15 Schedule while serving/ 3 Day rotation; 22:40 Returning home/ ceremonies and celebrations; 24:00 Involvement in Veterans organizations; 25:00 Returning to being a firefighter; 25:45 Readjusting; 26:30 Effect of serving on how he thinks about war; 27:45 Continued contact with friends from service; 28:45 How service effected his life.