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0:20 What factors made you decide to join the military? 0:48 How did you family take the news of you joining the military? 1:24 What branch of the military did you join? 1:32 What was your first impression after joining the military? 2:30 What was your favorite part of basic training? 3:10 Describe a typical day in boot camp. 4:43 What was your job in the military? 4:48 Where were you first stationed? 5:24 How long were you in Iraq? 5:32 What were your initial perceptions of Iraq? 6:25 Did your perceptions change toward the end of your service in Iraq? 6:50 Describe a typical day in Iraq? 9:00 How did soldiers entertain themselves while in Iraq? 9:48 How were Americans viewed by the Iraqi people? 11:10 Does media coverage accurately depicted what was actually going on? 12:00 How many years did you serve in the military? 12:10 What was your most memorable experience from the military? 12:40 What was the most difficult part about being in the war? 14:05 Was it difficult to transition back to civilian life after serving time in Iraq? 15:35 What helped you through the challenges during the war? 16:45 What was going on in Iraq when you left? 17:47 Name some activities that you have done since you have been back? 18:37 What are you currently doing now? 19:30 Do you have any regrets about serving in the military? 20:45 If you have kids later on, would you encourage them to join the military? 21:15 Does military experience on your resume help you get jobs in the future? 22:00 What were conditions like for the Iraqi prisoners? 29:00 Why did you decide to go to Iraq? 29:30 10 years from now do you still see yourself working for the military? 30:35 What was the worst thing you experienced while in Iraq? 34:52 What did you look forward to the most about coming back to America? 35:47 Did you ever have to shoot anybody? 38:55 How many languages do you know? 39:40 How did you become such a good marksman with firearms? [Veteran Interview Part 2] 0:20 If you could go back in time and join the military again, would you? 3:02 Give me a story of something funny that happened while you were in Iraq.

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