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0:00-0:49 Introduction; 0:50-2:54 Childhood, father a hero, desire to join Navy; 2:55-3:19 Boot Camp. 3:20-6:40 2 tours in Vietnam; 6:41-8:29 Details of Boot camp, A-School, and fueling airplanes. 8:30-16:59 Joining fleet, activities on ship, various locations that ships ported in; 17:00-18:29 Meeting wife, activities while serving; 18:30-20:44 Duration of deployment, replacing Enterprise on East Coast; becoming a shellback, 10 month cruise in Vietnam; 20:45-21:47 Decision to not re-enlist in Navy. Contemplated becoming chaplain; 21:48-22:59 Expresses wanting to be in Navy; further discusses time in military; 23:00-32:19 Returning to civilian life, discussing ship reunion; expresses his gratitude for serving in Navy; 32:20-36:39 Military's impact on rest of life, opinions about military; 36:40-EOI (End of Interview). Expresses opinions about military and appreciation for veterans.