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0:00 Introduction; Basic Information; 0:42 Family Life; 2:40 Volunteering with the Navy (reasons, reactions); 4:45 Basic training; 6:36 Deployment to Vietnam; 8:27 Understanding of the situation in Vietnam at the time; 9:25 US Government's inadequate explanations - ex: Agent Orange; 10:58 Opinion of Vietnamese people; 11:45 Vietnam deployment duties; 13:23 Agent Orange - interaction, injuries, feelings on use; 16:58 Contact with home; 17:25 Recreation while deployed; 18:18 Relationships with other servicemen/influence of father; 20:30 Stationed on U.S.S. Saint Paul; 21:17 Reasoning for not reenlisting with Navy; 22:20 Brother's death while deployed (news, transport home); 24:20 Spent remainder of tour cooking on U.S.S Saint Paul; 25:09 Working a milk run post military duty; 26:23 Career as a truck driver; 26:35 Family/friend's reaction upon returning from Vietnam; 27:25 No difficulties readjusting to civilian life; 27:38 Family life (marriages, children);28:20 Current daily life; 28:40 Current interaction with family; 29:48 Children's feelings on the military; 30:52 Tribulations of living in a warzone; 31:48 Never doubted moral right of Vietnam war; 33:20 New positive perspective on life due to time in Vietnam; 34:07 Never regretted one minute of Vietnam war effort.