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0:00-0:40 Introduction; 0:41 -5:22 Early life, states lived in, education; 5:23-8:05 Enlists in Air Force reserve and discusses experiences with other race groups; 8:06-10:05 Interviewer asks 'After first year of college did you enter military?' 10:06-12:06 Interviewer asks about life prior to entering the service; 12:07-17:29 Describes writing a letter to the War Department to gain admittance to Army-Air Corps. Describes establishment of black training facility; 17:30-22:12 Describes entering Army-Air Force and active duty; 22:13-EOD1 End of Disk 1 (EOD1 ) Describes leaving Tuskegee Institute. Start of Second Disk 0:00-9:00 Discusses instances of cadets cheating during exams and race relations at base; 9:01-19:20 Discusses specific training exercises, going to Savannah, Georgia, North Africa. Relieving other units; 19:21-EOD2 Discusses post-service experiences. Start of Third Disk 0:00-20:20 Discussions missions conducted. 20:21-EOI End of interview (EOI). Discusses taking his wife to places he's been during his service. Ends interview with his thoughts on the military.