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0:00-3:00 Introduction and interviewee's early life. Discusses father and moving around; 3:00-5:22 Discusses parent's occupations during WWII. Going to school and chore at one-room school house; 5:23-7:45 Family moves back to North Carolina and he is promoted to 8th grade. Discusses other experiences moving; 7:46-9:10 Is awarded scholarship to all-boys Catholic school; 9:11-10:31 Graduates high-school. Thinks about attending West Point; 10:32-11:42 Goes to Western Carolina Teachers College; 11:43-16:40 Talks to USMC Recruiter. Initially rejected due to age. Comes back year later and joins USMC Reserve PLC; 16:41-23:49 Learns early about the USMC. Goes to Quantico, VA for training. Returns to college. Graduates from USMC program. Accepts regular commission. Enrolls in 9 month course at Quantico Base; 23:50-28:07 Graduates from basic; 28:08-35:24 Describes graduation and post-graduation travel through North Carolina and Virginia; 35:25-38:04 Arrives in San Francisco; leaves San Francisco for Japan; 38:05-48:20 Arrives in Japan; describes time in Japan; 48:21-51:20 Returns to Camp Lejeune as instructor. Goes to supply school; 51:21-58:45 Reports to supply school. Is transferred to Hawaii; meets wife; 58:46-61:02 Interviewer ask 'Did drive to leave North Carolina lead to joining military?' 61:03-EOFI Answers question and End of first of interview (EOFI). SOSI-5:00 Start of second interview. Finishes story from previous interview; marries wife. Discusses various duties and positions he's held; 5:01-10:50 Returns to continental U.S.; in War Games/training exercises plays the role of enemy combatant; 10:51-21:59 Serves as Officer in charge and CO of his company which, at the time, was the largest in the USMC. Attends jump school in Columbus, GA. Attends Amphibious Warfare School. Opines about Vietnam; 22:00-27:56 Opinions about specific incidents in Vietnam; 27:57-45:20 Discusses protecting battalion, digging trenches and foxhole to survive in Vietnam; 45:21-EOP1 Discusses promotions, grounds for promotions. End of Part 1 (EOP1). SOSH-5:40 Start of Second Half (SOSH). Describes disposing of snake in Vietnam and experiences with animals; 5:41-6:40 Promoted to major; 6:41-16:27 Arrives in Da Nung and is appointed to OIC of 3rd MDA. Helps clean up.