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0:00 Introduction; 0:25 Rank; 00:30 Location of interview; 0:50 Father/family upbringing/sports; 2:20 Friend deployed/killed/gave Logan push to enlist; 3:10 ASVAB score/Air Force; 4:00 Air Combat Control/Insertion behind enemy lines; 5:00 Deployed/scheduled 5,000 fellow soldiers for deployment/planning depart; 5:30 Equipment used, squad automatic weapon, M16; 7:00 History behind Air Combat Controllers (Shindigs)/Okinawa; 8:45 Combat experience/guerrilla warfare/pushed into it; 10:20 Reasoning behind Iraq War/WMD; 12:00 Parallel between people, can't rebuild Iraq, but can protect it; 13:20 Tallil, convoys, dead bodies on side of road, normal occurrence in Iraq; 14:50 JM8, Syria, translator, relatives killed, changed perspective on war; 19:30 How does one fight enemy that's ready to die? Headstrong; 23:00 How were you greeted in Iraq? support or not? little of both; 24:00 TCN- outside nations, Turkey, Uganda, Russia; 27:50 Not present for looting, arrived in July '09, Iraqis sneaked into mess hall to find food and water on pallets; 29:30 Not sure if people helping are double agents, Iran paying money for info; 31:30 Iraq becoming self-reliant, educated, battle-hardened; 32:15 How did you feel when Saddam was captured? Wasn't the end; 34:00 Chemical burn, incinerators, 22 left, incinerate all their trash because 'cost-efficient'; 35:00 Silence can be scary for Logan, flashbacks, tension; 36:45 PTSD, 'I'm good compared to some of my buddies'; 38:00 End.