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0:39 Location of birth and birthdate; 0:46 Moved to Florida in 9th grade; 0:56 Inspiration to join the military; 1:30 Family reaction to joining the military; 2:09 Training experiences; 2:46 Branch of service and rank; 3:00 Stationed in Schofield Barracks in Hawaii; 3:10 Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan; 3:22 Typical day as an Army Specialist in Iraq; 5:11 Interacting with locals in Al Hawijah, Iraq where stationed; 6:31 Joining the Air Force; 7:33 Typical day at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan; 9:12 Combat in Iraq and Afghanistan; 10:35 Casualties and injuries in unit; 11:35 Entertainment; 12:52 Memorable experiences; 13:46 Experience with Special Operatives; 15:41 Traveling in Iraq; 16:04 Traveling in Afghanistan; 16:20 Weather and terrain of Iraq and Afghanistan; 17:35 Receiving Army Commendation Medal; 18:16 Keeping touch with family back home; 19:27 Close friendships; 21:13 After serving in Iraq and Afghanistan; 22:30 Military experience shaping ideas about war and military; 23:34 Feelings when first told he was going to Iraq; 25:06 Culture shock when arriving in Iraq; 26:00 Kurds, Shias and Sunnis in Northern Iraq; 28:07 How military experience affected his life.

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