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0:53 Born in the Bronx, NY at Jacoby Hospital in 1984; 1:29 Moved to Florida on a whim in about 2000; 2:41 Came to Florida with his mother; she worked at Disney; 3:19 Twin Towers was catalyst for joining the military; 3:52 Lost a few people he knew in the towers; 4:40 Doesn't necessarily feel he got what he wanted out of enlistment; 7:24 Processed for the military at MEPS in Tampa; 7:40 Met a man at work who just recently joined the Army and recommended he do the same; 8:13 Met with a recruiter with all intents of joining the Army; 11:00 Chose the Army because his uncle is also in the Army; 11:28 Completed training and went to the desert right away; 13:04 It wasn't hard adjusting to military life because he's from New York and feels he was built for war; 14:00 Some people weren't cut for the military because they joined for the wrong reasons; 15:40 The food in the Army was good and soldiers were fed well; 16:22 Army maintained low sugar diet for soldiers; 16:48 Considers it a good experience overall in the Army and especially enjoyed the camaraderie; 17:22 Feels he wasn't totally informed of his actual duties before joining the service; 17:57 Served at Camp Liberty in Iraq; 18:15 Did more training before being deployed to Iraq; 18:55 Getting orders to go to Iraq wasn't the best feeling; 20:21 Groups formed while going on missions and everybody watched out for each other; 20:40 Soldiers had recreational time aside from missions; 21:11 Hearing bombs go off was a regular occurrence; 21:30 Made friends while in the military, some are still enlisted; 21:50 Didn't lose any soldiers close to him while deployed; 22:35 Used phones while deployed to contact family and had access to technology while deployed; 23:24 Not everyone had the same electronic luxuries that he had; 25:40 Had decent recreation time but wasn't allowed to drink; 27:40 Osama's death was a big landmark for the war but the story wasn't told correctly; 29:20 Never got the closure he expected; 31:20 Being in the military improved his life overall, but it wasn't the same for everyone; 33:08 Still maintains contact with his veteran friends; 33:58 Feels that the war affected him in a positive way despite having minor sleep issues; 35:08 Every soldier in the Army had a different experience based on their roles and duties.