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1:26 Why join the Army? 2:59 Possible careers within the Army; 4:26 Military training; 6:40 Adapting to life in the military; 9:36 First time in Baghdad; 10:14 Patrolling with Personal Security Detachment; 11:34 Training before going to Iraq; 11:46 First impressions of Iraqi people; 13:15 Impressions of Iraqi people during second tour; 13:57 Friendship with an Iraqi Solider; 16:20 Preparation for Iraq (intelligence); 18:24 Iraqi Election; 20:08 Cultural differences between US and Iraq; 22:29 Iraqi landscape; 25:34 First time being fired upon; 26:00 Loss of a fellow soldier; 31:17 Return to the US / Dealing with PTSD; 33:08 Communication with family and loved ones; 36:27 Getting out of the military; 37:49 Feedback from US citizens; 39:26 Lessons from the military.

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