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0:00 Before entering service; 1:00 Why enlisting; 1:30 Family; 2:00 Job duties; 3:00 Adjusting to military life; 4:28 Departing for training; 5:17 Job training; 5:46 Iraqi time frame; 6:07 Connecting and communicating with family at home; 6:53 Dealing with relationship with 4 year old daughter; 8:13 Off duty pursuits; 9:52 Description of Saddam's homes; 12:08 Landscape of Iraq and traveling outside of Bagdad; 14:55 War's end; 15:38 Leaving the Air Force; 15:58 Readjusting to civilian life; 18:22 Veteran's Club at Washington State University and College life; 20:36 Connecting with fellow veterans; 21:28 Home town vs. Bagdad; 22:45 Prior information on Iraqi culture and life; 24:19 Interactions with locals; 27:13 Training the Iraqi Air Force; 28:10 Description of medals received; 29:33 Life lessons learned from military service; 30:56 Closing.