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0:20 Born in Little Rock, Arkansas, August 1981; 0:27 Father stationed at Little Rock Air Force Base when born; 0:32 Moved to and grew up in Kissimmee, FL with brother, mother, and father; 1:35 Joined military December 1998 while still a junior in high school; 2:05 Chose to enlist into the Army Reserve; 2:08 Went to basic training between junior & senior year of high school; 2:20 Parents signed permission in order to join; 2:55 Basic training conducted at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, Summer 1999; 4:30 Assigned to Echo Company at Fort Jackson; 5:00 Assigned to 7 41st Adjutant Generals after basic training; 5:15 Discussed duties performed on the job; similar to the Post Office workers; 6:55 Had good relationships with squad leaders; stayed in unit for 8 years; 8:05 Unit deployed in 2003 to the Middle East (Kuwait); 9:20 Family still supportive of military service; 10:10 Had to remain very secretive of location of deployment in Kuwait; 11:05 Stationed at Camp Udari, 15 miles south of the Iraqi border; 11:45 Camp Udari located in the middle of the desert; 12:20 Descriptions of Camp Udari; buildings, location, climate, etc.; 13:45 Describes the typical daily duties; mailing items out, and receiving them; 14:30 Description of various contraband seen throughout the time in the military; 15:35 Deployed for one year; May 2003 to May 2004; 16:20 Description of transitions back into civilian life; friends, family, free time; 17:30 Discussion about leaving the military; disfavor for the reasons of war (Iraq); 17:50 Discussion of military experience upon her life as a whole; 18:50 Describes what it was like to be a female in the military; more masculinity; 20:55 Further description of reasons for leaving the military; 21:30 Deployment is one of the most prominent memories recalled; 22:20 Final thoughts and reflections regarding her changing views about military; 23:00 Final discussion and thoughts regarding gays in the military in today's age.

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