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00:20 Biographical information; 01:44 Family members joining the military; 02:35 Joining the military; 02:48 Influences to join the Air Force; 03:15 Enlisting in the Army Air Force; 03:40 Basic Training; 04:55 After Basic; 05:40 Assigned to transit air craft area at Turner Air Force Base; 06:00 Stood fire guard; 06:20 Air Force food; 07:00 German POWs assigned to KP duty; 07:25 Highest rank during WWII; 08:14 Stationed at Turner Air Force Base; 08:49 Feelings after the end of WWII; 09:15 Attending college at University of Alabama after the WWII; 09:55 Joining Air Force ROTC in college; 10:34 Influences to join the ROTC; 11:08 ROTC course taken in college; 12:42 Training as a Radar Maintenance Officer; 13:45 Sent to 33rd Air Division at Tinker Air Force Base; 14:30 Describing radar equipment; 15:30 Talking about false radar readings; 16:20 Released from the Air Force; 17:14 Rank leaving the military; 17:20 Occupation after leaving the military; 18:30 Working for GE; 20:04 Working for Lockheed Martin; 21:45 Working in Germany for Lockheed Martin; 25:45 Encouraging students to pursue a career in engineering.