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00:23 Biographical Information; 00:30 Parent's Occupation; 02:10 Size of Family; 02:18 Education; 03:27 Eating Lunch at Parent's Cafeteria; 04:46 Quitting High School and attending College at UF; 06:00 Volunteering for US Army Air Force Reserve; 06:35 Being called into the US Army Air Force; 06:45 Reporting to Miami Beach; 08:15 Brother becomes Officer in US Navy; 08:55 Navy sends brother to Graduate School for Physics; 09:00 Brother works on secret project to miniaturize radar; 10:08 Mr. Peterson’s age joining the military; 10:45 Reason for joining Air Force; 11:15 Meteorology and Mechanical Engineering Training at North Carolina State; 11:53 Aviation Training in Piper Cubs; 12:22 Aviation training in Stearman biplane; 13:28 Sent to Greenwood, Mississippi for training on BT13 planes; 13:33 Sent to Dothan, Alabama for training on AT6 planes; 13:49 Sent to Montgomery, Alabama for training on P-40's; 16:22 Cliffs near airbase on lwo Jima causing accidents; 17:16 Accidents during Aviation Training; 23:35 Arial Gunnery Training; 24:18 Practiced shooting skeet to learn how to lead shots; 24:23 Traveling to the Pacific; 24:50 Storm almost capsizes transport ship; 27:00 Forming the 506th Fighter Group in Lakeland, FL; 27:47 Traveling to Tinian then to lwo Jima; 28:37 First Impressions of lwo Jima, first air raid; 30:37 Japanese Soldiers hiding in tunnels on lwo Jima, break out and kill airmen; 32:10 Food received in the Pacific; 32:50 Trading whiskey for meat with the Navy; 34:25 Describing escort mission from lwo Jima; 34:57 Describing mission to attack Japanese Air fields; 36:00 Mission changed to attacking trains, power plants, and fuel storage; 36:24 Describing how to fire the Fighter plane's rockets; 37:44 Describing Japanese Air Defenses; 38:24 Describing how to survive an over-heating engine; 39:23 Pilots bail out into ocean, B-17 drops survival boat, Japanese planes attack; 43:05 Engaging Japanese planes; 46:15 Had to point out every instrument in P-51 cockpit blindfolded; 46:48 Describing fuel tanks and limited fuel problems; 48:55 Experienced technical problem during mission; 50:09 Circling Tokyo Bay during Japanese Surrender; 52:25 Medical Supplies flown to Yokohama for released US POWs; 52:58 Flew as a passenger on supply plan to Japan; 53:25 Dropped off at railroad station in Yokohama; 54:10 Met Mr. Chiba who explains why many Japanese speak English; 55:58 Visiting Tokyo; 56:50 Eating Lunch with Mr. Chiba, having trouble eating whale blubber; 1:00:00 Shopping in Japan, Japanese hide merchandize from US Soldiers; 1:02:10 Meeting US troops in Tokyo who were supposed to be first into Tokyo; 1:04:20 Eating dinner with Mr. Chiba's family; 1:06:35 Traveling back to America; 1:09:38 Moving to Orlando; 1:09:51 Receiving medals; 1:10:57 Occupation after the war.