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1:10 Early Childhood; 2:20 Decision for Marines; 4:00 Description of bootcamp; 5:15 Infantry training; 6:30 Feelings of coming back home from first tour; 7:40 Post-war trauma; 8:30 Meeting a fallen comrade's family; 9:20 American reception of troops; 11:30 Finding out about 2nd tour to Fallujah; 13:25 Training in Sierra Mountains in Nevada; 14:30 Training in Mojave Desert; 16:35 Avoiding IEDs en route to Fallujah; 17:20 intelligence briefings about Fallujah; 19:00 Duties at Camp Fallujah; 20:00 Conditions at Camp Fallujah; 20:50 Feeling vulnerable at Camp Fallujah; 22:50 Car bomb kills 14 marines; 25:25 Miscommunication with civilians; 27:15 Invading the "Rat's Nest" of Fallujah; 28:35 1st day of Fallujah fighting; 30:20 Layout of urban setting; 31:15 Biggest firefight for Corporal Lambert; 37:30 Feelings towards carnage of big firefight; 38:35 Losing squad leader; 40:30 Problems in Fallujah; 44:15 Last big firefight; 45:30 End of Battle of Fallujah; 49:00 Patrols in Fallujah; 49:35 Return to America April 2005; 50:35 Overall experience of Marine Corps; 51:40 Sentiments towards the concept of war.