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0:30 Begins Biographical information; 1:35 Explains where he was and the impact 9/11/2001 had on his life; 3:04 Discusses his occupation before the Marine Corps; 3:52 Explains why he left the police force to become a US Marine; 6:37 Explains his experience traveling and arriving at Paris Island; 8:43 Explains his Marine Corps Graduation and the pride he felt; 11:39 Discusses his original MOS (Job) in the Marines and Change because of war; 14:09 Explains the course of the war in Iraq in 2004; 14:50 Discusses where he was stationed after boot camp and his job; 18:56 Discusses what he knew about Iraq before being deployed; 19:48 Talks about his friends who were serving or had served in Iraq; 21:16 Explains that date when he was deployed to Iraq 01/01/06-01/01/07; 21:27 Describes the trip heading to Iraq; 25:48 Explains where in Iraq he was (Camp AI Asad, AI Anbar Province); 26:24 Explains that everyone was required to go on convoys; 27:24 Talks about the dangerous mission and the Rules of Engagement; 31:16 Explains his job in Iraq training the Iraqi Army; 35:26 Personal thoughts on the effectiveness of training Iraqi Army; 36:33 Discusses interactions with the local villagers in the area of the base; 38:21 Discusses his opinions of the locals; 40:45 Discusses staying in contact with friends and family back home; 42:47 Discusses the personal electronics he brought with him to Iraq; 43:52 Discusses how he was strengthened bond with fellow Marines; 45:23 Discusses what Marines did for fun when they were off duty; 47:47 Explains leaving Iraq and his homecoming; 50:23 Gives his discharge date from the Marine Corps (September of 2008); 50:55 Explains that he moved back to the Central Florida Area (Orlando); 51:06 Discusses how Central Florida changed since before the Marine Corps; 52:06 Explains enrolling in Valencia College; 52:24 Discusses his observations of his fellow classmates in college; 55:13 Explains how he stayed in contact with other Marines he served with; 56:20 Explains difficulties with Post 9/11 G. l. Bill and the VA; 58:31 Explains how the Marine Corps helped his life and his career choices; 59:34 Discusses the life lessons he took away from the Marine Corps; 1:00:49 Did not want to add anything to the interview; 1:01:06 I thanked him for his time and allowing me to interview him; 01:01:14 Interview Complete.

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