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2:45 Introductions, family history and military background; 4:24 Enlistment and expectations; 7:12 1st station, rank, assignments and responsibilities; 8:07 Deployment to Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, unit, rank and training; 11:07 Mission and main obstacles: IEOs; 14:50 Units interaction with civilians and tribe elders; 15:28 Sectarian Violence, did training properly prepare, engagements; 19:29 2nd Deployments Afghanistan/ Operation Enduring Freedom 2009-10; 20:05 Rank, mission, responsibilities, security risks, conflicts and injuries; 32:20 Challenges of war, injury and loss of life; 36:20 Communication with family and friends; 38:30 Happenings in Iraq and Afghanistan when leaving; 41:50 Adjustments and transitions back to civilian life; 45:20 Military help offered to troops and issues they face; 47:37 Current status, needs, college and awards/metals; 51:54 Conversations w/ individuals that don't agree with wars; 53:25 Misconceptions about wars; 55:57 What he would like to see for these two countries; 58:54 How military changed him/ what uniform means; 60:32 Most meaningful thing as a solider; 62:39 Closing statement and thanks.

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