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0:20 Birth place and date; 0:30 Parent's birth location; 1:00 Amount of siblings; 1:15 Life before the military; 1:30 He joined the army; 2:10 Task of convincing his parents; 3:00 Grandparents feeling about his joining up; 3:50 Process of enlisting, recruiter in Sanford; 4:15 Chose the army over all other branches; 4:50 Grandfather's enlistment and how it motivated Seth; 5:35 Seth's departure; 5:50 Preparing for Ft. Benning; 6:50 Experience of heading to Sand Hill in Ft. Benning; 8:50 Life in bootcamp; 10:45 Graduation Day from bootcamp; 12:15 Cap to Buret ceremony; 12:35 Mother and girlfriend reunited with Seth; 13:10 AIT: Infantry School; 13:45 Airborne and ranger school; 14:00 Stationed in Ft. Benning; 15:50 1st deployment to Iraq; 16:35 Primary job was to escort his colonel; 17:15 Under fire in Camp Victory by Iraqi army personnel; 18:10 First time in combat; 20:25 Emotional response to combat; 21:30 Camaraderie between his unit; 23:50 Communication between his family and friends; 26:00 Food/goods on base in Camp Victory; 27:45 Leg injured by mortar in Baghdad, Iraq; 32:20 Experience in the Medical Center; 34:35 Sent back to the US to heal; 35:00 Chose to finish out contract with National Guard in Orlando; 35:15 First days as Sergeant in the National Guard; 37:25 Compared the features of the National Guard to the Army; 38:35 Finishing his contract; 40:35 Iraq's position on people visiting today; 42:00 Families reactions to him finishing his contract; 43:25 His adjustment to civilian life; 44:05 How his life has changed because he joined the army; 47:15 Life lessons learned from joining the military.