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0:40 Biographical Details, Family Details; 1:50 What he did before military service , thought process behind joining; 2:10 Explains why he chose the Marines; 2:45 Talks about other family members in military, Uncle is 2 Star General; 3:15 Talks about friend from high school enlisting before him; 4:00 Further explains reasons for joining, talks about moving to Florida; 5:35 Talks about family reaction to joining Marines; 6:30 Talks about chronology of early boot camp experience at Parris Island; 8:58 Talks about transformation into warrior mentality; 11:15 The Crucible phase of boot camp; 12:00 Graduation from boot camp; 12:30 Specialized Training/Survival Course; 14:00 Living conditions in recruit barracks, food, what he brought with him etc.; 19:50 Relationship with fellow recruits; 20:50 Post boot camp basic infantry training, Discusses Tank crewman job; 23:45 1st deployment in OIF with invasion force 1st Marines Task force Tarawa; 26:20 Enter Iraq on March 20th 2003, talks about supplies they had overseas; 28:00 Discuss combat during Initial invasion; 29:00 Talks about structure of the unit he was in; 31:00 Role of media in operations, feelings toward embedded reporters; 31:50 Relationship between Tankers and Infantry; 32:40 Feelings about reality of war "War is hell"; 34:30 Combat during Operation Steel Curtain; 38:20 Talks about tank operation and positions; 40:00 More combat experiences, what it sounds/feels like to be shot at; 43:10 Rules of Engagement; 45:00 Contact with family while overseas, Operational Security issues; 48:50 Operation and deployment chronology, Training in between deployments; 49:45 Day to day operations overseas when not in combat; 51:30 Details different roles for Tankers; 53:40 Differences between deployments; 57:15 Feelings after deployments were over; 1:01:40 Details about Operation Steel Curtain; 1:02:35 Life after coming home/Leaving Marine Corps; 1:03:00 Adjustments to civilian life and going back to school; 1:03:28 military helps in taking Criminal Justice classes; 1:04:00 Keeping up with marine friends; 1:08:10 Support since coming back, veteran associations; 1:08:35 How service has affected life; 1:15:40 Conclusion and Certificates, Story about broken hand and Uniform Medals.

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