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00:12 Introduction; 1:15 Growing up, background; 1:59 Schooling; 3:50 Relatives in the military; 4:35 Enlisting decision at 17 years old; 8:17 Selecting the Marines over the Army; 11:07 Basic training experience: physical and mental; 18:55 Selecting East Asia over the States; 23:03 1st Assignment, returning home and the "DCT 9000;" 29:12 Defining the communications field; 34:10 Riffle [Rifle] shooting years; 40:16 Atypical day of duty: PT, maintenance and paperwork - also, stories about "rabbits" and their running techniques during PT; 46:35 Post-service life and the "DCT 9000"; 57:04 Alternative career paths and the three most important rules at home while growing up; 1:05:24 Photograph reflections; 1:08:43 Final thought on family name; 1:09:45 End of interview